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QUALICOAT is internationally recognized “ brand quality organization”, which aims maintaining and improving the quality of surface treatment of aluminum and its alloys, especially for architectural applications. The trade mark may be obtained only by organization (paint shop, paint manufacturers and chemical pretreatments manufacturer) that meets the demanding quality requirements of QUALICOAT.

QUALICOAT works in favour of customers who have their products coated. QUALICOAT Organization (based in Switzerland) defines the requirements for quality and monitors their compliance at licensed organizations. This gives the customer assurance that he can buy products of high quality in the licensed company (e.g. surface finish treatment) with long-term value and consistent quality.

And how is done the recertification in ALU-COLOR company?

ALU-COLOR company has already received brand mark QUALICOAT as the first company in the Czech in 2003.

Inspectors of QUALICOAT must perform an unannounced inspection at least twice a year. It has already happened that the inspectors arrived during bank holidays about which they had no idea. The inspectors from Warsaw are responsible for our company. They usually come after about 4-6 months, but it has also happened that they came a week after the previous inspection. A licensed company thus cannot predict when the inspectors perform an audit, and therefore it must meet the prescribed requirements of QUALICOAT continuously.

Immediately after the arrival the inspectors QUALICOAT get on a cursory inspection of the production process. Only then they require a "guide" for their inspection.

Inspectors randomly select a specified number of produced and packed products and carry out a visual inspection and measurement of thickness and gloss. They require three cuttings from these products (with permission of our customers) and then they subject these cuttings to the corrosion test in salt spray in their laboratory.

After checking the products follows the control of realization processes. Inspectors in the time of chemical pretreatment process measure quantity of removal (deoxidation ability), pH, temperature, concentration, purity of DEMI water, temperature of drying,… They control cleanliness and wear level of application equipment in the coating process. In the process of colour stoving they measure temperature and firing curves.

Since a licensed paint shop can use only the key inputs (colours, chemical pretreatments) that have trademark QUALICOAT, inspectors check warehouse with chemicals and colours and examine whether these inputs have this trademark.

The last is to check the laboratory, where inspectors check the accuracy of measuring instruments and their calibration, the method and frequency of laboratory sample testing, check the specified records and registers.

If the company meets all the specified requirements of standard QUALICOAT the trademark validation is prolonged. Otherwise, the trademark is withdrawn.

Here is a brief list of requirements for standards QUALICOAT for paint shops.




17. November

certification for DB

Product certification for DB (Deutsche Bahn), according to DBS 918 340.

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